I am happy to announce the FreeDOS Beta5 (Lara) Distribution! As of today, the Beta5 Mini distribution is available for download. The Beta5 Full distribution will be posted as I have the disk sets available.

To download the FreeDOS Beta5, Click here. Please read the release notes, install instructions, and errata, as I don't enjoy answering questions that were already answered. I particularly get tired of answering the one about C:\freecom.log and the virus that Norton thinks it finds on the install boot floppy. There is no virus.

For more detail on what software is included with the FreeDOS distribution, refer to the maintainers list.

Looking for the FreeDOS Kernel source? You may want to visit the FreeDOS developer page at SourceForge to get the source for the kernel, FreeCOM, and Install program: See also the maintainers list.
The files archive has moved! We have temporarily re-located the FreeDOS files archive to ibiblio (formerly sunSITE). Access it via ftp or http.