The FreeDOS Beta5 (Lara) Distribution has moved!

The FreeDOS Beta5 has moved! We have temporarily re-located the FreeDOS Beta5 (Lara) Distribution to ibiblio (formerly sunSITE). Access it via ftp or http.

To download the Beta5, grab these files:

The Beta5 (Lara) Distribution was released on August 11, 2000. Among the packages that are included or updated in this release:

For more detail on what software is included with the FreeDOS distribution, refer to the maintainers list.

Mirrors of the Beta5:
[ integratasolutions | integratasolutions | (MINI only) | (MINI only) | | | (MINI only) | | ]

Interested in mirroring the Beta5? Email me to let me know where your site is so I can link to you.