Want to include some of the FreeDOS Project graphics on your own site? Grab these:

  • Logos - For adding a FreeDOS logo to your site.
  • Banners - For FreeDOS banner ads, to link to www.freedos.org
  • Buttons - For FreeDOS buttons, to link to www.freedos.org

You can save a local copy of an image by clicking the right mouse button, with most browsers, and selecting 'Save Image As'.

Once you have a local copy of a FreeDOS graphic, use this HTML to include it on your web page:

<img src="fd-logo.png" alt="FreeDOS logo" />

You may want to use the image to link to our site. Buttons and banners are very useful for this:

<a href="http://www.freedos.org">
 <img src="fd-button.png" alt="FreeDOS button" /></a>