These are the official FreeDOS logos:

  • FreeDOS fish FreeDOS fish Official FreeDOS fish, by Bas Snabilie
  • FreeDOS fish (no text) FreeDOS fish (no text) FreeDOS fish (PNG) FreeDOS fish (PNG) PNG version, by (Mateusz Viste) Fox
  • FreeDOS fish (no text) FreeDOS fish (no text) FreeDOS fish (SVG) FreeDOS fish (SVG) SVG version, by (Mateusz Viste) "Fox"
  • FreeDOS fish (glossy) glossy version, by Rikard Lang
  • FreeDOS fish, SVG (glossy) SVG glossy version, by (Mateusz Viste) "Fox"
  • FreeDOS fish logo banner Official FreeDOS fish logo (2004-) by Bas Snabilie
  • FreeDOS logo #2 Official FreeDOS logo (2001-2004) by Ben Rouner
  • FreeDOS logo #1 Official FreeDOS logo (1995-2001) by M. Hannibal Toal

About the FreeDOS fish logos: A lot of people ask about the FreeDOS fish, and why we chose a fish for the FreeDOS mascot. It just kind of "happened", rather than being planned in any way. I'd always wanted to have a lemur as our mascot, mainly because I think they're neat. No one liked that idea, so then I thought we could use a cute, pudgy seal. Everyone loves seals. But there was a DOS GUI project called S.E.A.L., with the obvious mascot, so no one wanted to step on them by "taking" their mascot.

RayeR created an image about FreeDOS and Linux. He said he needed a FreeDOS mascot, so he just put the FreeDOS logo on a blue ball-guy. So for a while, I thought we could make a mascot kind of like the smiling green guy from 'HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. But it didn't catch on.

Later, Mike Green submitted a FreeDOS logo in the shape of a fish. He stated the fish was a symbol of freedom. I posted it, but didn't realize it would get a big following. Soon, I got other FreeDOS logos that included a fish. One was from Bas Snabilie. His fish mascot was kind of cute, with a big bug-eye, and looking kind of chubby. And everyone loved the fish mascot. You can even buy a t-shirt with the FreeDOS fish mascot on it.

Later, someone asked if that was supposed to be a whale (no gills) or a fish (no blowhole). Ah well, I guess nothing's really perfect. But he's really a fish. Because of his bug-eye, I called him Blinky. But we never had a vote on the name of our fish mascot, it's just something I called him. And it stuck.

The official logos (above) were donated to the FreeDOS Project, and may be re-used under the Creative Commons, Attribution 2.5: you are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work; to make derivative works; to make commercial use of the work. You must attribute the work to the FreeDOS Project.

Add these other logos to your own FreeDOS site:

  • FreeDOS B/W button logo, by Tarik Armay
  • CD Cover CD Cover CD cover logo, by Sven Weise
  • CD cover CD cover logo, by Sven Weise
  • DOS pixels DOS pixels logo, by Glyn Hughe
  • DOS prompt DOS prompt logo, by Alessio Palma
  • Born to be free by Jari Tapio Tuominen
  • FD logo by Stephan Reiter
  • FreeDOS / Blue letter by Michael Guinn
  • FD logo by Alexander Krame
  • FD fish logo by Chris Hodapp
  • Powered by FreeDOS by Jon Gentle
  • MG fish logo MG fish logo fish logo, by Mike Green
  • MG fish logo #2 fish banner logo, by Mike Green
  • FD Win95 waste by RayeR