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DOS Software Archives

Classic DOS Games
DOS and Win16 games from back in the 80's and 90's
DOS Games Archive
shareware, freeware, playable demos and full versions
3D Gamers
a large collection of games, including some DOS favorites.
Archive of great DOS freeware/shareware games.
Freshmeat MS-DOS programs
large collection of opensource programs for DOS.
shareware/freeware programs for different operating systems, including DOS
Free Software for DOS
Large archive of free DOS software - well organized.
The grandfather of archives. Try filtering for "MS-DOS".
Interesting DOS programs
An archive of tons of DOS software. Some is free, some is shareware.
DOS directory
an interesting ordered directory of different DOS versions and DOS GUIs.
GNUish Project
GNU/Linux command utilities ported to DOS.
Berk project
Berkeley UNIX commands ported to DOS.
Goodie Domain Service
a collection of utilities for DJGPP, mostly GNU utilities
DOS software toolkit
DOS software for the visually impaired. JAWS for DOS 2.31 is now available for free.

DOS Powertools

Unofficial DR-DOS Resources
information about DOS and especially DR-DOS
DR-DOS/OpenDOS Enhancement Project
enhance the capabilities of DR-DOS/OpenDOS 7.0x and to add support for new standards
Beowulf Clusters for DOS
Distributed computing on FreeDOS.
DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender
a replacement of the DOS Extender, DOS/4GW, which allow DOS Extended applications to run in a 32-bit flat protected mode environment.
a free Long File Name (LFN) driver that works under FreeDOS.
The VNC viewer for DOS. Fits comfortably on a floppy disk.
GNU's multi-OS boot loader.
Access DOS Menu
a DOS menu program, runs your applications and games.
archive manager that can read/write RAR, ZIP and other files. There is also a DOS version (shareware)
cryptosystem for DOS, uses SAFER-SK, BLOWFISH, IDEA, MD5 and QCYPHER.
DOS Power Toys
Power Tools for DOS, geared mostly for MS-DOS. Most are Freeware.

DOS Internet

FreeDOS Networking
a great guide written by Ulrich Hansen
an http web server that runs on DOS, and more DOS software.
another DOS webserver, and some network drivers.
DOS web programs
links to various DOS internet programs (mostly web related).
DOS Applications for Internet Use
An excellent resource by Michael Bernardi.
Crynwr packet drivers archive
They give away most of our packet drivers.
Avaya Wi-Fi drivers (DOS)
Other places to find Wi-Fi drivers for DOS.
Learn more about DOS TCP/IP resources.

DOS Information

Club Dr-DOS Wiki
Very informative wiki about Dr-DOS, Novell DOS, FreeDOS, and DOS in general.
FreeDOS Chinese
requires gb2312 code to read the Chinese characters
DOS USB Drivers
getting your USB hard drive and other USB devices to work in DOS.
Upgrading the BIOS with FreeDOS
Article that describes how to update the BIOS of your PC, when the manufacturer of the motherboard announces some improvement of BIOS software. The installer program usually offered is an application to run MS-DOS.
How to flash motherboard BIOS from Linux
Article about how to create a BIOS update floppy using FreeDOS, from Linux.
ATA/ATAPI Low Level Driver
ATADRVR is the C source code for the lowest level of an ATA/ATAPI device driver, public domain with no restrictions on how it is used.
Doctor DOS Betamax
DOS batch file examples, command line switches, and DOS tips.
EasyDOS command index
A useful reference for all commands in DOS. From the book DOS the Easy Way.
Digital Research, the Untold Story
Why Novell bought DR-DOS. One man's opinion.
Art of Assembly Programming
by Randall Hyde.
Total Hardware 1999
jumper settings for over 18,600 devices including hard drives, motherboards, ...
An inside look at DOS
Great documentation about DOS internals, by Tim Paterson.
Operating System Resource Center
partition types, plug&play, memory, drivers, sound, hard disks, ...
Fdisk information
Information on FDISK and hard disks.
Alex's disk structures page
Selected topics on disk storage structures.
DOS VESA VBE drivers
Selected VESA DOS graphics drivers and more.
DOS, en español
Página en español sobre sistemas operativos DOS (MS-DOS, FreeDOS, OpenDOS)
FreeDOS, en español
Sitio web sobre el sistema operativo FreeDOS en español

DOS Graphical User Interfaces

an open source graphical user interface for DOS
32-bit graphical user interface for DOS (last updated 2003)
somewhat in the middle between Windows and Norton Commander (last updated 1998)

DOS Programming

Home of the open-source Watcom compiler. Supports C, C++, and Fortran77
Dunfield Development Systems
Home of the DDS Micro-C C compiler.
Borland Community Museum
Borland's free versions of older compilers
Digital Mars C/C++
Compilers for Win32, Win16, DOS32 and DOS.
bugs in C compilers
mainly for compilers used to develop software for embedded systems.
the free Pascal Compiler
Alice Pascal
Syntax-directed Pascal programming environment for DOS and Atari ST, with source.
The Netwide Assembler Project
Watt-32 TCP/IP
library for making networked TCP/IP programs in C and C++ under DOS.
TUI (Text User Interface) that implements the well-known widgets - supports DOS
a multi-platform textmode library offering a user interface with familiar objects (LGPL)
a completely free, open-source, 32-bit BASIC compiler, with syntax compatible with QuickBASIC
Links to developer tools and compilers, including BAT files to compile without Autoconf/Configure


virtual PC that FreeDOS will boot into. GNU GPL.
DOS emulator, emphasis has been on getting DOS games to run smoothly
JPC Project
Java emulation of an x86 PC with fully virtual peripherals
generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer
An open virtual PC environment for Linux & other operating systems.
an open x86 PC emulation software package
A commercial virtual PC environment for Linux and Windows (free version also available)
Virtual PC 2007
Free PC emulator, runs on Windows (Vista and XP)
Virtual PC 2004
(for other Windows versions)
Moka5 Engine
A virtual PC environment for Windows.
Open source x86 emulator, runs on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.
A free x86 computer hardware emulator written in Java.