USENET groups provide FreeDOS users with an easy way of getting help on most issues. These groups provide structured access to a number of knowledgeable and helpful DOS users.


Chat is a real-time, text-based form of communication. You can have conversations with multiple people in an open channel or chat with someone privately one-on-one.

  • #fd-user #freedos

Or, use the guest chat interface (Java) to - thanks to

Mailing lists

Mailing lists are email addresses which send email to all users subscribed to the mailing list. Sending an email to a mailing list reaches all users interested in discussing a specific topic and users available to help other users with the topic.

The following mailing lists are available. Click on the list name to subscribe, unsubscribe, or to view the list archives.

For users of FreeDOS releases. If you want help with a problem installing or using FreeDOS, this is the list for you. ¹ ³
For developers, developers, developers. If you are interested in helping create FreeDOS releases, this is the list for you. ¹ ² ³
For discussion about FreeDOS kernel development. ¹ ² ³

¹ migrated from Topica (no longer archived there.)

² also archived by MARC.

³ also archived by mail-archive.

We have only a few rules for posting to the mailing lists:

  • Please don't swear. This just drags down the conversation for everyone.
  • Don't post off-topic. Remember, we set up the FreeDOS lists to discuss FreeDOS issues.
  • No flame wars. If you feel offended by what someone has said, please settle it off-list.

In addition, please send plain-text-only messages, rather than HTML emails. This makes it easier to read your posts. Above all, HTML emails are a real killer for people who read with speech.

Provide a bit of context in your replies. But at the same time, don't cite the whole conversation thread - just the part you are responding to. Otherwise, your email becomes too long to read and people will skip it.

Not sure how to phrase your question? Learn how to ask questions the Smart Way.

Need to report a bug? The FreeDOS lists are not the place to tell us about bugs. If you think you have discovered a problem with a FreeDOS program, please open a bug report using the Bug Tracker and email the program's owner. The Bug Tracker is (obviously) a database for bugs. It lets people report bugs and assigns these bugs to the appropriate developers.