Commercial suitability for FreeDOS? Adam Meyerowitz asked an interesting question: I am intrigued by FreeDos and would like to consider it on an embedded application that I am developing. Not knowing too much of the history of FreeDos, can »
Trademark 27 Nov 2001 In a recent fd-dev post, I answered the question about declaring the name "FreeDOS" a trademark: Subject: Re: [fd-dev] License and protectiveness From: Jim Hall Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 12:04:27 -0600 To: fd-dev @ »
Reporting violations of the GNU GPL I would emphasize that violations of the GNU GPL are a very serious matter, and it is everyone's responsibility to respond to them and seek to have them corrected. That said, 99% of »
The SEAL license The following is an email discussion I had with someone about the new SEAL license: ... Legally, they would be unable to apply this new license retroactively to previously released versions. The legal principle at work »
Contributing to Ralf Brown's Interrupt List Matthias Paul writes with this advice to users who would like to help FreeDOS and other developer projects: contribute to Ralf Brown's Interrupt List. Hi FreeDOSers, I have just spoken with Ralf Brown »
Next Generation IMS REAL/32 multiuser multitasking DOS (on Linux!) Matthias Paul wrote in with this interesting bit of news about the successor to IMS REAL/32 DOS: I thought this might be interesting to some of you: Intelligent Micro Software »
Update on FreeDOS-32 I received this update 2002-03-13 from Luca about the status on the FreeDOS-32 Project: Hello, I am Luca Abeni, one of the freedos-32 (FD/32 for the friends :) developers. Salvo Isaja told me that you are »
Announcement of VM386 A message from Eric Auer: About VM386: It is online somewhere. I can send it to you if you do not find "vm386.zip, 66165 bytes, newest file inside is 7/97 but newest source file inside is »
Some interesting programs (Linux / DOS) Eric Auer writes: I hope this is a bit interesting for you to know, but it is NOT MEANT TO BE USEFUL INFO CONCERNING FREEDOS. For FreeDOS, only lbacache*.zip and undelete.zip are interesting, »
"Review" of DOS compilers 5/30/02 Eric Auer writes: Hi, the FreeDOS http://www.cix.co.uk/~mayday/Dev86dos-0.16.2.zip Also has a 6809 version. Output formats include EXE, 32bit EXE, COM and OMAGIC/QMAGIC (old-fashioned?) Linux. You can even separate output into two chunks, Instruction and »
FreeDOS for engineers Prasad Mehendale wrote to me about how he is using FreeDOS to help engineering students: I am using freedos for the last 1 year on 486 boxes in my small lab. Actually i have collected a »
FreeDOS on NEC Laptops? Here's an interesting application of FreeDOS - to fill a requirement that a laptop must contain an operating system when you ship it to a customer .. who will then turn around and install his »
Re-subscribing users to the mailing lists (this newsitem has been taken down, as we no longer use Topica for our FreeDOS mail lists.) »
Hitachi ATAPI CD-ROM driver for DOS 2003-03-07 Soeren Kristoffersen writes: I have some very good news for you. I have found a CD-rom driver which may be distributed as freeware. Here is a copy of the mail from Hitachi. »
Status of DOSFSTOOLS 2003-03-27 Eric Auer writes: Hi, you asked about the status: I was about to add a "write to drive" driver for DOSFSCK for DOS, but I am unable to contact the maintainer of DOSFSTOOLS for Unix. »
The other FSK 2003-03-28 Eric Auer posted this on the FreeDOS mailing list, and I thought it was good to re-post it here: Hi, I am writing this to point you to: http://www.rosen-berg.de/pub/fsck_10c.zip which is yet another CHKDSK type »
FreeDOS at work 2003-04-07 Tony writes: No, we didn't need the other language, thankfully. I had enough trouble learning enough Japanese to support our president ... The machines in question came with their native languages DOS, but worked with »
FreeDOS success story 2003-04-07 This really should be connected to Technote141 , but I decided to post it separately so it didn't get lost. -jh Eric Auer sent me this email to clarify a bit on Technote141: This »
More FreeDOS 1.0 discussion / suggestions 2003-04-13 Eric Auer has been following the FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list, and recently sent this email suggestion: Hi, thanks for sending the MS DOS 6.22 "table of contents" (packaging list). I think it »
FreeCOM and BAT files 2003-04-13 'FreeCOM User' writes: Mr. Hirsch, I am impressed by your email as it discusses one very critical area of the overall 'smooth' operation of DOS which are correctly executing BAT files. More »
Fastopen notes Eric Auer posted this on the fd-dev mailing list , and while it asks more questions than it answers, I thought it would be interesting for FreeDOS users: See www.vfrazee.com/ms-dos/6.22/help Some interesting points from there: »
RIFS info on the web Jeremy Davis posted this on the FreeDOS bugzilla a while back. I've just now re-discovered it, and I thought the info was so useful, it deserved its own newsitem: Jeremy writes: RIFS info on »
DJGPP 2.04 alpha 1 Subject : ANNOUNCE: DJGPP 2.04 alpha 1 Date : Sun, 27 Apr 2003 10:07:16 +0100 From : Richard Dawe Organization : None provided To : DJGPP announcements Newsgroups : comp.os.msdos.djgpp It gives me great pleasure »
FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list updated Aitor writes: Hi all, I have updated/collected some more information, and so produced a new updated to the tentative list of aims that we would consider as for v.1.0. The list is maintained by »
USB with DOS Robert Prins was one of a few people who sent me this copy of an article about USB support on DOS. original article: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=10215 download: http://panasonic.co.jp/pcc/products/drive/cdrrw/kxlrw40an/download.html download: ftp://ftp.dars.com.ru/support/dos_usb/mhairudos.zip Yes, there are USB drivers »
FreeDOS Diskcomp update 2003-07-06 I haven't heard back from maceman, so I'm assuming he's off the list now and not contributing to FreeDOS. With no active maintainer for Diskcomp, I've decided to accept Eric's new patches (06jun2003) as the »
A call for helpers Eric Auer writes: GRAFTABL should be combined with existing other codepage sources and some command line configuration thing. As the maintainer is not planning to do it, a call for helpers seems necessary. GRAPHICS syntax »
Announce: PythonD 2.2.1 Release 2.0 2003-07-26 Here's Ben Decker's original announcement: Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. PythonD is a 32-bit, multi-threaded, networking- and OpenGL-enabled Python interpreter for DOS and Windows. PythonD 2.2.1 Release 2.0 is now »
RDP client for DOS 2003-09-05 Jeremy writes: This is not free software, but an interesting idea none-the-less. Terminal-Services.Net When I first started becoming interested in the FreeDOS project, I However, with something like this, people could essentially Paul »
KEYB2 Prototype4 ready 2003-09-05 Aitor writes to announce: I am pleased to announce the 4th prototype of KEYB2, which is a key improvement in stability and features of the series, specially because all resident code is new and compact »
Bootable FreeDOS - new distribution 2003-09-13 Kristaps Kaupe writes: I want to inform that I have created a new FreeDOS distribution that fits into single floppy. It uses 2 MB RAM disk and have basic TCP/IP networking capabilities (but »
FAT licensing 2003-12-07 By now, you've probably all seen the article Lucho I see a strange discussion on fd-dev about a non-standard FAT32 filesystem. But one of the main goals of FreeDOS is compatibility, and this proposal »
What do you use FreeDOS for? 2003-12-14 Recently, this question was asked on the fd-dev mailing list. The answers are interesting, I think, and I thought I'd re-post them here: Mainly, I'm just curious as to what everyone's doing »
Freeware links 2003-12-31 Eric Auer found some freeware (only for non-commercial use ... which is why this never made it to the FreeDOS.org front page) and writes to share them: Hi, I found some nice freeware (for non-commrecial use »
DVD support in CDRoast 2003-12-31 Thanks to Florian for sharing this link to the latest version of CDRoast http://www.freeweb.hu/doscdroast/index.html#news 2003.10.15. : DOSCDROAST Beta 3 release now available! This is a freeware collection of programs to use all type of »
Ozone GUI (and sources) 2004-03-10 If you have used SEAL, the GUI for FreeDOS, you might also be interested in this. Julien Etelain ("Point Mad") emailed me about a new GUI he's been working on called oZone. Here's the »
4DOS removes /Y option 2004-03-13 Matthias Paul writes about JP Software's 4DOS shell: I assume that quite a few FreeDOS users use JP Software's otherwise excellent command processor 4DOS.COM as replacement for COMMAND.COM or FREECOM. It happens that with »
USPTO asked to review Microsoft FAT patent 2004-04-18 I usually don't post items about patents, etc. on the FreeDOS.org web site, but I've received this article from a number of you, so I thought I'd post something on the »
Busting the Biggest PC Myths 28 Jun 2004 Busting the Biggest PC Myths DOS is dead. Microsoft's MS-DOS, introduced in 1981, has earned the computer equivalent of a senior citizen's discount. But it ain't dead yet. According to research »
Windows on FreeDOS? 9/3/2004 Aitor writes that it is possible to install & run Windows on FreeDOS: From time to time I like testing how far we've gone with FreeDOS, and a good way to know is to test »
FreeDOS Beta9 works in QEMU 2004-10-10 qsan92 writes that he has been able to boot FreeDOS from inside QEMU. Works great! (See also DOSEmu if you want to boot a DOS system from Linux.) Hi, FreeDOS Beta 9 works »
Thanks to FreeDOS 2004-12-02 Marcio Teixeira posted this to the FreeDOS lists, and I thought I would re-post it here: Thank you for an excellent product! I have recently begun teaching an A+ certification course at CollegeAmerica Collins, Colorado »
FreeDOS floppy distro 30 May 2005 Benjamin sent me this email about his new distribution of FreeDOS, specifically for use as a DivX player. Thought I'd fwd his post here: Benjamin Brisson wrote: Hi Finally done, had to finish »
USB Driver Disk 15 June 2005 Talk for a year, finally after a lot of test ... The USB Driver disk (1.44MB floppy) was ready for novice user, in order to let them did their backup or GHOST job »
DOS software for audio geeks 6/26/06 Eric Auer posted this info about "DOS software for audio geeks, ham radio and animal voices": Hi, Tyler found a nice link page which links shareware and freeware audio processing software (e.g. oscilloscope »
How I installed FreeDOS on a Dell 2006-07-09 Edward Long posted this advice to the list, and I thought it might be helpful to other newbies: I was able to install FreeDOS with the support of Mark Bailey. I »
FreeDOS 2.0 (or 1.1?) 2007-07-01 On to FreeDOS 2.0 Post "1.0", I'd also like to see more utilities to make it possible to replicate some of the advanced features we take for granted in modern operating systems, such as »