Contributing to Ralf Brown's Interrupt List

Matthias Paul writes with this advice to users who would like to help FreeDOS and other developer projects: contribute to Ralf Brown's Interrupt List.

Hi FreeDOSers,

I have just spoken with Ralf Brown and he said that he plans to prepare RBIL62 in late April if everything goes well (no promise). I thought I let you know, in case you have some new findings, corrections, additions to contribute to the project.

And to those who never knew how to help the FreeDOS and other development projects, here´s your chance. Help making this industry wide used reference documentation better!

This will also help the active FreeDOS developers and thousands of other non-profit and for-profit developers to base their work on most reliable information, and thereby produce more powerful and stable software. No developer has access to all hardware and software that was ever produced to run live tests, so it is very important that the info in RBIL is accurate at the best-most-possible-detail-level. Here´s what you could do, for example: