Next Generation IMS REAL/32 multiuser multitasking DOS (on Linux!)

Matthias Paul wrote in with this interesting bit of news about the successor to IMS REAL/32 DOS:

I thought this might be interesting to some of you:

Intelligent Micro Software is developing a successor of their IMS REAL/32 7.92 operating system, which will be called REAL NG ("next generation"???) and will run under Linux (RedHat).

Their current product REAL/32 is the real-time enhanced successor of the former Multiuser DOS, DR-DOS´ bigger brother for industry use. In contrast to the DR-DOS multitasker (EMM386 /MULTI + TASKMGR), the Multiuser DOS family directly boots into a 32-bit Protected Mode operating system with multiple VMs ("consoles"). Multiuser DOS is by far not as DOS compatible and flexible as the single-user DR-DOS is, but for those applications which /do/ run in this environment, it is a much more stable multitasking platform.

The roots of REAL/32 go all the way back to Digital Research´s Concurrent DOS and Concurrent CP/M-86. REAL/32 still runs most traditional DOS software solutions and (some?) CP/M-86 applications, and from what I have heard in other places, this might still be the case for REAL NG. We´ll see... and