Some interesting programs (Linux / DOS)

Eric Auer writes:

I hope this is a bit interesting for you to know, but it is NOT MEANT TO BE USEFUL INFO CONCERNING FREEDOS. For FreeDOS, only lbacache*.zip and are interesting, plus the bonus tools packaged with them, plus the fact that there is some more more or less useful stuff online in the same directory :-).

Things that are online: (Eric's web site)

[eric@gnome] (.../stuff/soft) $ ls
copying.txt             terminal-rom.tar.gz   
eecho.asm              numfiltNL.c                oszi-neu.tgz 
feuer-eric.tgz         rtf2html.tgz      secumod-2.0.tgz        xwatchwin-ea-zoom.tgz           specials

I have moved the weirder things (emmsys, pmlib, special versions...) to special. So what is left? eecho, now included in lbacache (with additional .sys version) to echo ansi escape strings.

crappy. Made of an old version. Would be pretty cool if made from dosfsck 2.8 for Linux (quite powerful chkdsk!). I am hoping that Bart Oldeman does a better port, so I stopped working on it. I hope Bart has still the plan to port dosfsck!?
Some graphical effect for Linux.
The -devel version is definitely better than the standard version (floppy support and less DOS memory needed) but still without write cache...
converts Dutch text to phoneme strings for the free MBROLA speech synthesizer.
is a very sketchy port of a graphical effect made by a friend of a friend to Linux.
is a security addon for older Linux kernels, which I have improved from unuseable to almost beta (don't get confused by the 2.0 version number :-)).
is a version of my Terminal to boot from ROM, made by KenYap.
is a serial terminal software which should work on any 8086, with builtin ANSI subset support.
is something to create thumbnails for my homepage (needs further editing of the html by hand, but is nice anyway).
is something for Linux that tries to maintain a zoomed/magnified copy of a selected window in realtime, also supposed to be useable via network. Port of a tool which was intended for network window watching in a classroom so that the pupils would see what the teacher is doing, so that they can follow her example...

PS: Although not many people need serial terminals, FreeDOS "customers" definitely may be among them.