FreeDOS for engineers

Prasad Mehendale wrote to me about how he is using FreeDOS to help engineering students:

I am using freedos for the last 1 year on 486 boxes in my small lab. Actually i have collected a set of freeware and gnu softwares that makes the things very low priced for students (who come to me for getting training in microcontrollers). I have prepared a CD that includes all the following applications useful to them and ofcourse "freedos" alongwith. Due to this, students are able to use any small and old pc effectively and start and finish all the work with very little amount.

I am running following applications on freedos that are useful to electrical engineers.

1. Freedos editor: to write assembly programs for microcontrollers. one can see many files at a time comparing things.

2. S51 is a freeware simulator for intel 8x51 series microcontrollers.

3. asm51-assembler for 8x51 it is a freeware

4. Pedit is another free editor to write programs and has many facilities.

5. tavrasm is avr microcontroller assembler that is gnu and runs successfully on freedos.

6. sp12 is a gnu, chip programming software for avr microcontrollers and works very well on freedos.

7. easytrax is a freeware from protel for designing p.c.b. that runs very very effectively on freedos.

8 ceibo 750d - a simulator for Philips microcontroller (commercial software)

9. Chip programmer from Oriole electronics to program chips of 8x51 series.(commercial software)

10. picoscope- a commercial software making the pc an oscilloscope- dos version works fine with freedos.

11. A simple freeware by Charis Volos is "MENUS" and works fine as the desktop. it is simple but effective.

12. Dos navigator can be accessed thro "MENUS" and works wonderfully well as a fantastic file manager with other utils.(a freeware)

13. a wordstar style free wordprocessor with local language support (and english).

14. a spreadsheet instacalc very useful to an electrical engineer for scientific calculations and graphs.

after some days i may add one more free application that we are developing for microcontrollers. it is simulator for avr microcontrollers on freedos. we have started to develop it using seal development package.

Thanks again on behalf of students of electrical engg for providing sturdy and free base for their softwares.