Eric Auer writes:

Hi, you asked about the status:

I was about to add a "write to drive" driver for DOSFSCK for DOS, but I am unable to contact the maintainer of DOSFSTOOLS for Unix. DOSFSCK is part of that (there is another, worse, tool, that is also called dosfsck).

When I last mailed with him, he had told me that he had already patched the bug that I was trying to report: When DOSFSCK removes invalid entries (or invalid LFN snippets), it completely nulls them out, rather than setting the first byte to 0xe5 - this actually truncates the directory at that point...

So I am waiting for his reply and updated version. As you know, my version is based on 2.8.2 of DOSFSTOOLS.

If you are able to contact the maintainer or have a newer version, please tell me, but please do not send me attached files.

Note that Imres CHKDSK is also going to be updated soon, and will be faster then, as Imre told recently on fd-dev.

Currently, DOSFSCK can check FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 (28). It only accepts drives with 2 FAT copies, but the maintainer already has a patch to allow 1 FAT copy as well. You can scan drives and disk images with it, but my DOS version cannot WRITE drives - all other features are working. There is only support for DOS mode, not for Windows DOS boxes.

I am not planning to add a driver, as Windows includes scandisk for Windows anyways. You MIGHT have problems with drives or image files that are bigger than 2 GB. Everything below that, on any FreeDOS supported harddisk, should work. In short: I have an int 25/26 READ driver and a DOS IMAGE READ / WRITE driver. DOS does not work good with bigger files, and int 25/26 in THEORY is not meant for FAT32, but I doubt if FreeDOS cares (so with FreeDOS, 1. real FAT32 drives and 2. FAT32 drives of more than 2 GB should work).

If you have a test box - real or virtual - to test all those predictions, please test and tell me / us! Be warned that this is a disk tool and bugs in it can cause complete partitions to be trashed, at least in theory (in practice, there is not disk write driver, so ONLY disk images are in real danger by THIS version... unless something goes wrong in a worse way that I could ever imagine...). Because there is no disk write driver yet, you can even select 2 pass repair: DOSFSCK will calculate the changes and run a second pass to check if they fix the bugs. When tries to write the verified changes, you will be flooded by "no write driver yet" or similar messages... As said, as far as I know, ONLY disk images can be modified at all by the CURRENT DOS port. But you can SCAN real disks, too.