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Tony writes:

No, we didn't need the other language, thankfully. I had enough trouble learning enough Japanese to support our president ...

The machines in question came with their native languages DOS, but worked with US dos ok. but again I was concerned about license issues, so I went the FD route.

Using FD instead of MSDOS only saved me a few bucks as I could have found old unattached copies pretty cheap on EBAY if I really wanted too. But when your company is hurting bad, every dollar counts and since FD did fill the bill it was silly not to go that route.

I had first checked in to buying *new* licenses from Microsoft ( I had a MOLP for 100 workstations of NT so I thought they might cut me a deal ) when I found out how much that would be. ( and for 20 some odd machines, I wasn't worth their time ) At that point I just said screw it and went the OSS route.

They were simple 386 class machines running off the parallel ports so FD did the job quite well and I didn't have to worry about the BSA breathing down my neck.

I also had plans in store to replace most of my NT servers OS with either Linux or FBSD.. Was about a week away from combining 3 older NT servers into one Linux/Samba box ( gotta love having the option of multiple netbios names, my predecessor was an idiot )

The real cost of what needed to be done next was to network the machines out in the plant. That part of the budget is what killed me. .I was fighting for $ to replace old tired servers as it was, so 'nice stuff' had to wait.

Later the goal was to include a dos based browser ( after netbooting ) and make them into 'plant info terminals' to report production and trouble tickets on the machines.. not just run the dedicated controller.. ..

What are they doing now? In process of being sold.. I've been gone from there for about 1.75 years now. Miss the place.

The 2 attachments are the other 2 emails and I cc:d him on it.. He can edit as need be. I guess I get to make two contributions in one month.. go me

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 Hi, I suggest that you take your original text, add the word "years
 (about 3)" to it, and mail it directly to jhall @ for the
 homepage .

 You mean that you needed Italian and Japanese DOS ?
 I think FreeDOS is not very Italian / Japanese by now,
 and DOS probably has problems with the font anyway???


 PS: I do not understand the current situation. So even with
 using FreeDOS for a sharp price, your project did not make it
 into 2004 ? What is happening at the plant now?

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Last I heard MSDOS is still available for purchase thru some special embedded program of Microsoft's. so its not quite 'abondonware' yet..

But it wasn't a single user box they were offering, it was more expensive, and geared to large developers..

I was looking into it a couple of ago, as the plant I worked at used a number of dos based controller units and I was trying to stay legal. ( and we didnt know french.... )

I switched to FD instead. it had enough functionality to get by and the price was right.

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A couple of years ago, closer to 3 now.

[...] The machines came from Italy and had an Italian dos on them.

We also had 10 Japanese based controllers, but they used MSDOS, however I had swapped the machines due to them dying ( the environment met was really really harsh ) so much the original licenses were long gone, and it concerned me.

I had plans on trying to etherboot them to FD the following year ( I would loose hard drives by the dozen each month ) but they laid most everyone off, and I had no budget for infrastructure in the plant.. eventually IT came on the chopping block and I was 'requested' to move on...

you can pass it along to the list .. never compute with a bad headache

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 Hi, you forget to mention a couple of WHAT ago you switched to
 FreeDOS. Otherwise, your mail would be good for the collection
 of FreeDOS success stories .