More FreeDOS 1.0 discussion / suggestions


Eric Auer has been following the FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list, and recently sent this email suggestion:

Hi, thanks for sending the MS DOS 6.22 "table of contents" (packaging list). I think it shows a few places where either Steve could mention more details in his evolve.txt (which tells which DOS parts were introduced when by MS / DR / PC DOS) or where FreeDOS could / should be improved.

Also interesting for Aitors TODO list.

Here is my pick from your list:

append, dblspace, display? driver (expand) fastopen graphics, interlnk/intersvr, mem, mode, nlsfunc, power, qbasic, ramdrive, scandisk, share, vfintd.386, wina20.386, chkstate, dblspace, defrag, emm386, loadfix, memmaker, monoumb.386, mscdex?, msd, (mwbackup), print?, replace,setver, sizer, smartdrv, smartmon, msav?, msbackup, (mwav)/(mwavtsr), (mwundel), undelete, unformat, vsave?

In the "?" cases, the use is either questionable (MSAV...) or I have the impression that FreeDOS already supports enough of it. In the "()" cases and for *.386, we are talking of Windows awareness and compatibility - I wonder how much of those OLDER, also Windows compatible, MS DOS versions had. Sorry, I forgot the ) after mwbackup.

All the other cases are either not yet mentioned by Steves list or missing or alpha in FreeDOS. Not that I would think that we really can have drive compression (dblspace) soon or that cloning the suite of memmaker, loadfix, sizer would be important. So what else?

Aitor, could you add this to your list and / or forward to the list for discussion?