RIFS info on the web

Jeremy Davis posted this on the FreeDOS bugzilla a while back. I've just now re-discovered it, and I thought the info was so useful, it deserved its own newsitem:

Jeremy writes:

RIFS info on the web that I am aware of

RIFS - Remote Installable File System

9605d.htm - This article from Dr. Dobbs CD-ROM archives and is copyrighted. Available for purchase from the Dr. Dobbs web site (http://www.ddj.com/): Article May 1996, 9605d, articles/1996/9605/9605d/9605d.htm

dosrif.zip - Source and Binary [RIFS?] may be found at: http://www.ddj.com/ftp/1996/1996.05/dosrif.zip

dosrif2.zip - RIFS2, docs same same source as rifs1 but updated docs ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/msdos/lan/dosrifs2.zip

cug431.htm & 431_01.zip - Also an older [RIFS1?] implementation may be found as CUJ volume 431: (C/C++ Users Journal, archives at http://www.hal9k.com/cug/) http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/cug/vol_400/431_01.zip

Tony @ Instaview adds:

While its only for serial ports, RIFS is free for nocomm usage.. and has ( had? ) source code available....somewhere.

Used it on laptops years ago to get data in/out of them when it was too big for floppy, and was too much trouble to get network running ( used ghost via LPT to load them with dos and allen-bradley PLC software )...

* (http://www.hal9k.com/cug/cug431.htm)