FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list updated

Aitor writes:

Hi all,

I have updated/collected some more information, and so produced a new updated to the tentative list of aims that we would consider as for v.1.0. The list is maintained by both Jim Hall and myself. In particular, all the disk utilities, and some of the device drivers and extensions have been reviewed.

Of course, comments are welcome. Just bear in mind some things:

(a) Comments for device drivers and extensions are welcome (for those already commented in the list), because it is more difficult to see if the driver has been thoroughly and completely developed

(b) The most recent updates (specially in disk utilities) have not yet been considered.

(c) There's a new (Post FD 1.0) list at the bottom. This is not a dreamlist, but it could be used to collect those technicallities not yet covered (and not considered suitable for FD 1.0) that could be placed there, in order not to forget about them.

However, note the following two advices for comments:

(1) Please REFRAIN from commenting the device drivers that have not yet been touched (having ? or -). We all know which are the FreeDOS replacements, so you don't need to mention them again. Of course, this applies unless you have already thorougly checked all the switches and options admitted by the MS-DOS, say 6.2X, counterpart (see for example HIMEM.SYS, that has tones of switches). In that case, you can BRIEFLY explain what you think it's missing, and it'll save my time too. Otherwise, I hope to update the table with those device drivers the soonest.

(2) Please AVOID making very long comments if not strictly neccessary. After all, if you want to mention that something needs to be corrected or added, one line of mail per item is just enough. I would really appreciate it, as it would save my time too. Of course, there can be exceptions that desever a longer and more technical explanation, those are welcome too.