FreeDOS Diskcomp update


I haven't heard back from maceman, so I'm assuming he's off the list now and not contributing to FreeDOS.

With no active maintainer for Diskcomp, I've decided to accept Eric's new patches (06jun2003) as the new FreeDOS Diskcomp. I've mirrored a copy of this release at ibiblio:

Eric said he wasn't interested in becoming the maintainer, just that he wanted to post these bug-fixes to Diskcomp. So that leaves Diskcomp without an active maintainer. If anyone is interested in taking it on, it's up for grabs. As a courtesy, please announce here (the fd-dev list) if you plan to become the new maintainer, so we don't have two people trying to do it.

Here is the original email I tried to send to maceman on 6/27/03 about Diskcomp:

Hi! Is on the fd-dev list? Does anyone know if this person is still part of the FreeDOS Project? maceman is listed as the maintainer of Diskcomp, but I haven't heard from him in a while (since 2001). I'd like to do something with Eric's new patches/fixes to Diskcomp, so I'm trying to see if maceman is still around.

maceman: Please contact me off-list.