A call for helpers

Eric Auer writes:

GRAFTABL should be combined with existing other codepage sources and some command line configuration thing. As the maintainer is not planning to do it, a call for helpers seems necessary.

GRAPHICS syntax is:

GRAPHICS [color1|color4|color8|hpdefault|deskjet|graphics|graphicswide|
  ruggedwriterwide|thermal|thinkjet] [alternate graphics.pro file]


The last 3 options all serve the same purpose and are not supported in my GRAPH* driver. /R and /B are for "reverse" and "use cga colored background", the latter only for COLOR4 and COLOR8 printers by IBM (color ribbon printers). CGA EGA and VGA are supported.

The FreeDOS Spec only suggests those options:


GRAPHHICS [alternate graphics.pro file] [epson|hpdefault|postscript]

My GRAPH* implementation does not support printbox (aspect ratio) override. The idea is to have LCD (1:1 ?) and CRT (4:3 screen size, pixel aspect ratio depending on used resolution) pixel aspect ratio user selectable. What is the pixel aspect ration of LCD / TFT currently? Should aspect ratio allow that CRT-LCD selection in FreeDOS GRAPH*?

As I have no idea how the graphics.pro file format is, you cannot load profiles from file in my GRAPH* version.

I do support Epson, HPdefault and Postscript, but there is a separate binary for each. A .bat wrapper can work around that if really needed. I do support /R and /B options and call them /I and /B respectively, because /R is already taken by the "random dither" option. The Postscript binary does not have the /R option. Otherwise, all 3 binaries support the same set of options: /B and /I, but also /C (compatibility mode: this is "HP headers" for Postscript, 8pin for Epson, and 300 dpi for HP PCL), /E (economy - only use 50% ink/toner), /1 .. /3 (use LPT1..LPT3) and /? (which displays help). No color printing yet. I might add HP PCL and/or Postscript color printing, but ribbon/impact printers from IBM will not be supported unless somebody shows up who is using one.