KEYB2 Prototype4 ready


Aitor writes to announce:

I am pleased to announce the 4th prototype of KEYB2, which is a key improvement in stability and features of the series, specially because all resident code is new and compact (and there's no longer mixed code), which results in stability and a quite more reduced resident size. This prototype 4 uses a special formatted files, so called KC files, which can be produced using a compiler tool (KEYCOMP) which is included in the pack. They are created from certain source files (with some resemblance with xkeyb's KEY files) (as a new feature, you can for example completely lock the ussage of certain key, or replace scancodes of keys).

Henrique Peron has kindly assembled and recompiled layouts included in the "reduced" pack and some more others, and packed these together with the driver (although many of the layouts in the "full" pack haven't been converted yet). The newly written code, and the new file format reduces resident size from 3.5Kb of prototype3 to a typical resident size around 1.5Kb.

Appart from the standard KEYB features, some other features are:

The future prototype5 will be the key full-featured release, with the introduction of codepages support, and the support for submappings (as needed by Russian or Greek, for example). Resident size will be reduced too.

Prototype 4b can be downloaded from here:

The bad news is that this is named "4b" because there's a "4a" or simply "4" release, a quick compilation that I made for the FreeDOS Beta9prerrelease2, in which a small bug affected COMBIs was discovered, some layouts were retouched and part of the source was polished. However, the changes are small, and you are only recommended to upgrade if you experience problems with COMBIs.

The packing of P4 wouldn't be possible without the help of Henrique Peron for creating the layouts and detecting bugs, thanks Henrique!