Bootable FreeDOS - new distribution


Kristaps Kaupe writes:

I want to inform that I have created a new FreeDOS distribution that fits into single floppy. It uses 2 MB RAM disk and have basic TCP/IP networking capabilities (but you should manually add packet driver of your NIC to diskette).

Bootable FreeDOS (that's how I named it) contains most of FreeDOS base stuff, except: assign, ATAPICDD (hanged on Bochs with no-IDE), comp (FC can be used to compare files), DISPLAY, edline, EMM386/HIMEM, exe2bin, FASTHELP (I used my own .bat version), fdxms286, Graphics, HTML help, MKEYB, nansi (hanged up under Bochs!!!), shsucdx, mirror/unformat, xkeyb. Then I added basic packet driver utils (pktchk, pktstat, pkttraf, pktwatch and termin), some WatTCP utils (ping, rexec, tcpinfo, tcpport) and SSHDOS utils (ssh2dos, scpdos, telnet). I am still searching good FTP client for DOS that uses WatTCP. I found one on net but that not worked for me.

I've used kernel 2031 and shell 0.82pl2 XMS_Swap.

Minimal requirements are 386 with 4 MB RAM (theoretically about 3 MB), but I don't have such low configuration to test now. I have tested all with Bochs 2.0.2 under Win98 and real Pentium II 350MHz box with 128 MB RAM.

You can download Bootable FreeDOS at

Update: John Harrison has tried this distribution, and gives this mini-review:

In case you have not yet dowloaded, it is REALLY COOL.

Internet connectivity WORKING under FreeDOS :)) With RAMDISK, etc. all installed and ready to go :))

I copied it to floppy tweaked two config files and was able to:

It ALL WORKED!! And all under FreeDOS.

Since I use NE2000 cards I didn't even have to go find a packet driver, I just told NE2000 which IRQ and IO Adress to use:

    ne2000 0x60 15 0x300  <-- loads the packet driver

Then edit the TCP config file or just tell it to do dhcp.

I didn't think to try Arachne (Free DOS browser), so I guess I'll have to give that a try. I bet LYNX works too.