Ozone GUI (and sources)


If you have used SEAL, the GUI for FreeDOS, you might also be interested in this. Julien Etelain ("Point Mad") emailed me about a new GUI he's been working on called oZone. Here's the thread.

Julien wrote:

ozone GUI beta version ( is now avaible. This version now support PNG, links, keyboard layouts, experimental widget alpha blending. It includes many fixs, optimisations and some new tools. This version is released under GNU GPL. You can download sources and dos version on ozonegui.net I hope you will have fun discovering this small gui wich need your help to grow.

I didn't post a news item on FreeDOS.org because I wanted to try it out first. I grabbed the version from the web site and ran it under DOSEmu/FreeDOS.

It's a nice GUI, but unfortunately it doesn't run DOS programs. I asked about that, and here was the reply:

Hello, ozone is not able to run dos programs. But by some modifications to kernel (scr/exports.c etc.) and FMS (scr/xlib/fms.c) you will be able to run full screen dos app (only under windows and dos). We havent' yet plan to make a dos runner in window mode as we will have to make a full emulator to support linux and windows build... it's not impossible but too complexe for me.

In fact kernel is not yet ready to run dos apps, but in future it will be able to do this. I remenber you that only lastest seal version (1.x & 2.x series) was able to run dos app, fisrt versions was unable to do this.

(He refers to the oZone kernel process, BTW. Not the FreeDOS kernel.)

I got this reply:

Hello, We have recently open a sourceforge account and made a public CVS server (see sf.net/projects/ozonegui). Current CVS version is able to run dos apps (exe & com) in full screen. To compile current version you will need djgpp, allegro & libz. Also CVS version has a better render in 8bpp mode (no more pure pink colors problem, png works). BUT CVS version may have some unstable apps and functionalities.

But no binary version is avaible so it may be difficult for most user to compile ozone.

So I guess that's the news on oZone. It's a neat-looking GUI, but until it can run DOS apps I'm not too interested in it. If you would like to help out with this GUI, a project has been opened on SourceForge.