Technote102: More testing FreeDOS Beta5

Freya performed some additional tests on the FreeDOS Beta5 (Lara) Distribution, and had this to say:

Oh just remembered some things I found while playing with freedos! I may be booting dos but I decided to use the freedos programs. :)

EDIT: This is really nice but it seems slightly slow on my cyrix 333? It didn't really get in the way though. It also seemed to make my monitor make strange noises (EGA, so perhaps that's why!)

HTMHELP: This is quite cute, there seems to be a couple of slight bugs though, when it can't find the file it is looking for it displays a message saying so but the last backslash is a forward slash, when of course it should be a back-slash (purely cosmetic of course) It also seems to look for it's own help in the current directory instead of in the files directory which seems wrong and lastly if you type the .htm extension on the end it gets confused (ok I know you aren't supposed to, but it would be nicer if it didn't get confused and shouldn't be hard to fix!)

MEM: This seems to work quite well, at least on my computer, except the output is a mess! I think perhaps this is because some of the fields are blank or not implemented at the moment, for the time being it would be better to add ? marks for the fields that are unsupported so that everything lines up and it is easy to see what the output is.

I tried FDPOWER and CTMOUSE and they both worked wonderfully! Oh and I didn't mess too much with FreeFDisk but it really does look amazing! The bits I tried worked perfectly! I'll let you all know anything else I spot as I go along!

Oh and command doesn't seem to work with cd.. (did I mention that) ;)

This last one seems to be a bug (fixed) with the "CD" command if you don't use a space between "CD" and the ".."