TurboVision as Open Source Software?

Recently, on the FreeDOS mailing list, someone asked a question about the code to Borland's TurboVision and it's open-source status:

The question was:

Well, what I'm looking for is a graphics-type library, kind of like Turbo Vision. It needs to be C, something that is GPL. I'm starting some work on a FreeDOS program right now that will use a text-like GUI and I need something with buttons, dialogs, mouse support, etc...

Freya writes:

Isn't the turbovision source itself now public domain or GNU. Perhaps it is only free in a more loose way. Anyone know?

Owen Rudge wrote:

Turbo Vision is C++, not C. Turbo Vision is available from Borland's FTP site (I think the URL is ftp://ftp.inprise.com/pub/borlandcpp/devsupport/archive/turbovision/tv.zip), and works under BC++. The updated public domain version is available from www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/6552/, and works under DJGPP. I use TVision for OSPlus.

... Also, I think TVision works with Turbo C++ and you can download TC++ 1.0 I think.

Donovan Smith writes:

TurboVision does work with Turbo C++, but you have to have Turbo C++ 3.0 or later to use TurboVision 1.0. Turbo C++ 1.0 won't compile the TV header files. Go to http://community.borland.com and go into the Museum section to get the older versions of some of their compilers. You can find TurboPascal 1.0, 3.0, and 5.5; Turbo C 1.0 and 2.0; and Turbo C++ 1.01 for download there. You can also go to http://www.progar.com to find some other compilers available for download there.

Salvador Tropea (the maintaner of TV for DJGPP) wrote:

The original code is copyrighted by Borland but is freely available from the net. Try here: ftp://ftp.borland.com/pub/borlandcpp/devsupport/archive/turbovision/tv.zip.

This port is distributed under the GPL license and the Sigala's port under a BSD like license. According to a FAQ entry in the Borland's site (was in http://www.inprise.com/devsupport/bcppbuilder/faq/QNA906.html when I saw it) the code is public domain. I also asked in the Borland's newsgroup and the TeamB people (not official people but they are who give technical support in the net) said me the FAQ was right.

Owen Rudge wrote:

With all this talk about Turbo Vision, it reminded me about Graphics Vision! GV is shareware, and it's compatible with TV 2.0. It works with Turbo Pascal.

The interface is like Windows 3.1, and from what I've seen of the demo program (I don't really know Pascal), it looks quite good.

I got a copy a while ago from Simtelnet (ftp.simtel.net). I can't remember the URL, but it was under DOS libraries - Turbo Vision I think.

... I discovered the SimTel.net Turbo Vision link in my favourites today. It's http://www.simtel.net/simtel.net/msdos/turbovis.html.

There's quite a lot of stuff on this page, including Graphics Vision, a dialog designer for Turbo Vision, a TV Resource Workshop (with a virus in the install program, or so my anti-virus program says), a screensaver library for Pascal TV, and a number of other things.