Boa for DOS?

Recently, a user asked this question on the FreeDOS mailing list:

I am looking for the source & binaries for Boa for DOS but have been unsuccessful. Boa is a www server for DOS and would really be cool if used the right way. Do you have any idea where I can obtain the source and binaries for dos?

Kurt writes:

I've got bot the source and executables for Boa. I downloaded them about two months ago so I know they exist on the Net. If need be I can make them available. I have no link to the project, I was simply looking at the source for some information but I do have everything.

Louis also writes:

Boa was a server ported over to DJGPP and WATTCP (IIRC). The DJGPP version is no longer supported by Boa maintainers (I had contact with one several months ago). I may have a copy of Boa on my SET CD (a former DJGPP distro) or the Simtel FTP DJGPP Archive CD I made back in August. I look at them tonite and I'll post a link. IIRC, the DJGPP version of Boa had an 0.8x or an early 0.9x version number.

And Ralf gives us the link:

A quick search with a search engine revealed a link of FDISK.COM: