LaTeX under DOS?

Recently on the FreeDOS mailing list, the LaTeX document preparation system came up. The question was: what LaTeX processor to use under DOS, and where to get it?

Tobias writes:

I got my EmTeX (=LaTeX for DOS) Distribution from I donīt know where exactly, but I already planed to get the latest version, so I will inform you about the exact location and the needed files. The installation was relatively simple.

Another user gives a hint on viewing the output (after DVI becomes postscript):

One can use GhostScript (not GhostView!) for DOS for printing Postscripts to nonPS printers, but you have to have a certain amount of RAM (about 8 MB). GhostScript (GS) also enables you to print DVI files to nonPS printers and this can also be done with only about 4 MB RAM. The GS Homepage is and the latest DOS Version (not developed any more) can be found at

Ralf also provides this supplemental information about PDF with DOS:

[Does GS run under DOS?] Yes it runs on DOS, and you can get at

[PDF under DOS?] Adobe has removed the link from their web site a while ago, and i can't find my bookmark with a direct link to the file anymore. But you an get a DOS reader at And Adobe has still the 16 Bit Windows Reader v3.0 on their site at But i don't know about any serious tools to WRITE PDF files, i use Adobe 4.05 on Win9x myself...