Several people have had an opportunity to test the FreeDOS Beta6 ("Midnite") distribution. Here is what they have to say (both good and bad):

Hurraaahh !!!

I have been testing Beta 6 with Kernel 2023c this afternoon and I am happy ;-))

Many things I tested work ok! I have been trying to run a DOS4GW program with FDCDEX.SYS and it went farther than last time. I also tested it with WDOSX and it seams to work better, of maybe more stable.

Thanks to Tom Ehlert who has fixed the FILES= command in config.sys, my program now gets farther than that.

There is a problem somewhere: it doesn't find some file for openning :( It looks like something in the path in the filename. I have tried to reproduce the problem with a smaller program but I had no success so far.


Yes, 32-bit DPMI programs works very well. I tried NDN (32-bit dpmi version) and it was very very fast and stable!! But other programs like VC (Volkov commander) or DOSLFN hangs the pc without any error message :(

BTW: I have a 15GB HD and use EZ-drive (it "upgrades" the bios, so that it shows more than 8GB). The problem is, that Dr-DOS and Win95 doesn't support it, so I use 8GB normaly :( But FreeDOS seems to recognize it, but prints errors (but has no problem with <8GB).

Bye, Florian

(beta6,kernel 2023c,P133, no memorymanager loaded)

I wanted to use DOSLFN in beta6 (has bugs, but is very fast!!), chance! It only hangs the pc. Volkov Commander. I haven't written into the bug tracker because there is no error message, nothing!!! Or should I wrote it?

BTW: I found out, that most DJGPP programs and games (like DOOM Legacy ;-))) seems to have no problems.

Another interesting thing:

Necromancer's DOS Navigator ( works _much_ faster under pure FreeDOS then under other DOSes (maybe because I haven't used any memory manager??) and this without disk cache!!

Bye, Florian