Testing FreeDOS Beta6

More people have been trying the FreeDOS Beta6 ("Midnite") distribution. Here is what they have to say:
I have done some testing with FreeDOS Beta 6 and kernel 2023d and it is very stable. I experimented with it for about 2 hours and it did not crash even once. Though, there will have to be an additional 50K of conventional memory available before I can play Commander Keen. :-( Edit, attrib, mem, more, and many other utilities worked rather well.

I have some suggestions for improvement:

1. If command.com cannot find itself on the disk (i.e. someone swapped floppy disks after booting from a floppy disk), it should either ask for the location of command.com or ask for a boot disk to be inserted. Displaying "error # 56", for example, appears to be a bug and some people may interpret it as such....though I know it is not, the reason is that command.com simply cannot find itself.

2. Format needs fixed. (Yes, this means I need to get off my lazy butt. :-) )

3. More conventional memory should be available, either through swapping command.com out of the system when larger programs are loaded, loading command.com into UMB's, loading parts of the kernel into UMB's, etc. (Just suggestions.) Regardless, most "newer" DOS programs require around 600K of free conventional memory.

4. An emm386.exe program needs to be written to map the UMB's. Is anyone working on this? My opinion, though, is that this could wait until FreeDOS 2.0.

5. We should probably include the Space Invaders program, posted on the FreeDOS web site. Besides, if MS can include Minesweeper why can't we include Space Invaders! :-)

Regardless, this release of FreeDOS is definately the best yet! Everyone keep up the great work!

-Brian Reifsnyder

[Displaying error numbers...]

Yes; though, it will have to wait at least after Eastern holidays. I think, Alain sugguested to issue a hard-coded message once, but proceed otherwise as now, perhaps this:

Cannot find <PATH_TO>\COMMAND.COM, please update COMSPEC or re-install FreeCOM there.

Would this be acceptable as well?

[More memory should be available...]

Use KSSF or the new VSpawn to enable swapping. But as it is not tested thouroughly, I wouldn't make it the default installation.


[More memory should be available...]

Just tested UMBPCI

provides 160 K UMB memory for pentium and better maschines.

the documentation also states (which I can't test) : * Unsupported CPUs: - 80486/SX/DX/DX2/DX4/SLC - 80386/SX/DX - 80286/SX - 8086 NOTE: If you own a 286, 386 or 486 class CPU, you can try the older HIRAM.EXE [74 KB, German freeware], similar to UMBPCI: See http://www.uwe-sieber.de/files/hiram.zip.

-tom ehlert

I have grat news: I just tested Kernel 2023d and I coud run TC++ 1.01 in IDE mode and compile a small program!!!



PS: just one strange thing: it shows XMS usage=0 ???

I am using UMBPCI with a Pentium II overclocked and have had no problems with it. The UMBPCI is for Pentiums only. If you want to use a Upper Memory Blocker there is another UMB called Umb_drvr Ver 522. It worked very well with a 386 I used on and also a 486. I got it off of Simtel, but it may still be available on FTP cdrom.com under DOS. HTH


I tested: DOSLFN.

This site is in german, but the downloaded file (doslfn.zip)is in both, English and German!

The Tested:

+ Seems to work with most programs (more than LFNDOS) also NDN and VC!!

+ very fast

- After using some software all dir commands and filemanager only shows the first file/subdir in the directory.

This driver is mostly written in ASM, some small parts also in Pascal.