FreeDOS developer's kit

Aitor has been putting some thought to how to help developers contribute to the FreeDOS Project, and has come up with a great idea! Here it is:

During the last weeks I have been thinking of an idea that, with little effort, could help many FreeDOS developers to save time, increase the group interactivity, and go towards the unified coherence and documentation that many of us are missing in the project (as we seem to be working in islands, except for certain projects as the kernel). The origin of the idea is in the comments that all of you have been posting in this list.

Thus, the idea I had consists of collecting up a bunch of the most popular and useful libraries that FreeDOS developers are using to build their programs, in the hope that this may serve as a toolkit to develop applications for FreeDOS with maximum code reutilisation.

This package could include SUPPL, Cats, disklib, apmlib, msglib, nlslib, the Seal application development lib, linklib, etc. The idea is that the FreeDOS developers would send me a link with the libraries that you are using, derived from your own job, and that may be re-used by other people.

For example, suppose that Brian has some disklib library, for low level accessing disks, then if this library is shared, then a CHKDSK developer could use this, and save his time, avoiding redundance of libraries.

My only job would be to collect your postings, that you could send both in public/private. THen I would pack them in a coherent way, would build some kind of unified documentation (one chapter per library, and every chapter is the documentation accompaining the library), perhaps to be read under HTML-Help, and probably posted to fd-doc, and then do regular postings and updates.

The spirit of this library is to increase the consistency of the project and go towards some kind of documentation. So please, consider contributing. How to contribute? Just email me with a table like this (this is only an example):

Name of the library : APMLIb
Version             : 1.0
doc file            : DOC\APMLIB.TXT
Programming language: C
Compilers           : BORLAND C 3,  DJGPPC/C++
Language            : English

Attach the library, and that's it!! The rest is up to me, and you could be helping a lot!

For the moment, I will be packing the English/C languages mainly, but I don't discard other packages in the future, also send them to me.

I have also thought that, as a software development kit, it could include some other small programming utilities that may be very useful. For example, UPX (the executable packer, that will be included), a linker (do you know any?), etc. Do send me such ideas as well, remembering that they should be open sourced (GPL or similar).

I also want to recall what this is NOT: