Using DR-DOS FAT32 in FreeDOS

Recently, a user sent me this note about adding FAT32 support to FreeDOS using the drfat32 program from DR-DOS. Although the FreeDOS kernel is adding FAT32 support directly, I thought I would make this note available as a technote, anyway:

Dan Schmidt wrote:

I found that drfat32 will allow freedos to get to fat partitions. Unfortunatelly, it doesn't seem to work as well in FreeDos as OpenDos and DrDos. On my computer with Fat16 and several Fat32 partitions, it fails with a "not enough drive letters available" warning. However, on my computer with only one Fat32 partition, it works. (8gig limit and all though)

Granted, I'm not sure what Caldera's legal department would say about FreeDos using their Fat32 program. If it weren't for that, it would be a good method. (considering it is the only method)

Later, he sent me a follow-up note, with this PS that seems to solve the problem mentioned in the above discussion:

P.S. - I discovered that if you add LASTDRIVE=Z to the config.sys (should have thought of this before) that it DOES work flawlessly with freedos. However, one can still not help but wonder if Caldera would be wroth with us if we suggested using it.

So if you already own a copy of DR-DOS in addition to FreeDOS, this may be something you could look at to read your FAT32 partitions from within FreeDOS.