FreeDOS and WinME

Nehal Mistry writes with this workaround for using FreeDOS and WinME:

This is not a bug for freedos, but a bug with WinME and a workaround for it.

As u know u need to put the freedos partition in first 2 gigs of HD (true for at least HD's greater than 8gb) so i created one from 0 gig mark to 1 gig mark.. unfortunately when i did that, winME showed the partition as two letter drives. One with the proper content and one empty. Here is the fix:

1. install the freedos as you normally would ie, create part., format, sys c:

2. using a partition resizer,(i used the parted bootdisk) resize the freedos partition by making the beginning of the partition 10 megs smaller, eg, instead of starting at 0 meg point, move the beginning to the 10 meg point....

3. boot into winME and make sure the partition now only has one drive letter.

4. reboot with bootdisk and do sys c: again

5. reload boot loader (eg, fdisk /mbr) if needed

This may not be a common problem, but this is the fix if anyone else has this problem.