FreeDOS and MS Lan Manager

Tom Wyrick wrote to us with this note about using FreeDOS as a Citrix client. Tom also reports a problem with mapping drive letters from FreeDOS when using the Microsoft LAN Manager for DOS software. Any suggestions?

I just wanted to thank you for the fine job you're doing with FreeDOS. I just installed the beta 7 version on a number of our old Dell Optiplex GMT-5100 and XMT-5100 computers (Pentium 100Mhz systems), and I'm using it as the base to a configuration that boots directly into the Citrix ICA client. Effectively, this allows me to recycle our old PCs into "thin clients" that let people access our Windows 2000 environment.

Until now, these systems ran Windows NT 4.0 - but they take *forever* to boot up, and people just go straight into the Citrix client software once they log onto them anyway.

This change should save us some money on licensing costs as well. (No need to maintain Microsoft's "upgrade advantage" for all the systems I change to boot into FreeDOS.)

There's only one thing I've noticed that seems odd. When I install the Microsoft LAN Manager for DOS software on a FreeDOS system, one or more of the device drivers/TSRs fail to start. It complains about being an "incorrect DOS version" at some point during the boot-up, despite me forcing the version to report 6.22.

This hasn't been a major issue for us, since I can get enough of LAN Manager to load properly so it starts TCP/IP protocol and gets an IP address from our server via DHCP. I just can't get the portion to load that allows typing in "NET USE" commands to map drive letters to shared resources on the servers. (All I need for Citrix is the TCP/IP support.)

I don't know if anyone has tested Microsoft LAN Manager for DOS with FreeDOS yet - but you guys might want to install it and try it out. (I used the version 2.2c that came in the "CLIENTS" sub-directory on my NT 4.0 Server CD-ROM disc.) Apparently, it's free of charge to use MS LAN Manager itself. Microsoft only charges for client access licenses when you use it to connect to a Microsoft server product.)

-Tom Wyrick [TWyrick -at-]

Update: (2007-05-14) Mikiya Matsuzaka provides this update:

I'm still in same situation with him with FreeDOS 1.0, NETWKSTA.EXE spews "incorrect DOS version" message.

I tried C:\FODS\BIN\CALLVER.COM with argument "5.00", but NETWKSTA still doesn't work.

And then this solution:

I got some mail, thanks for all the help.

One asked me where to download it, it's here: Run with /d option or use unzip for each file.

One told me LANMAN works fine with FreeDOS 0.99. If it's really, this is important matter I think. He also told me about MS Client, but it seems less stable than LANMAN at least on FreeDOS 1.0 at least on VMware 5.0.

I prefer LANMAN because it's *obsolete*, it's fine point for us I think.