FreeDOS networks with UNIX

Josh asked this question about FreeDOS networking:

what is the current state of networking for fdos...more on the lines of ethernet, not ppp. I know the original DOS was not a network OS, but fdos, is far better than ms-dos, and has many more enhancements, so i was wondering if its possible to put my fdos machine on my LAN for net access. I also am curious about virtual "terminals" similar to unix tty's...where there is more than just one console on a machine.

Alessio Palma provides this list of examples:

DOS Network file system with *nix Machines
DOS SAMBA with *unix machines and Windows ones
DOS based networks

DOS machines as dump terminals on *nix networks
DOS machines as IRC terminals on *nix networks

DOS and IP masq.
DOS and Proxy server

DOS clients.
DOS servers.

DOS as X-window terminal. (working in progress, but pratically a bad idea...)

A free redirector is examined closer, it uses parallel ports to wire Pcs the target is merge it with a simple UDP/IP stack.

Mmmm.... why not ... Saturday I'll put on line an DOS-NET how-to upgrade about:

(Of course DOS machines NEED a *nix SERVER.)

John Harrison adds about NFS for DOS:

I am doing networking most successfully under DOS using the XFS package which is available on Simtel or on the Suse dist. of linux.

Basically when started, XFS, mounts a DOS drive letter VIA NFS on the Linux box. So, for instance, drive letter e: can be mapped over the ethernet to the LinuxBox:/home/dos/ filetree. To DOS this networked filetree looks like a regular (networked) drive. Multiple drive letters can be assigned to different servers and also the DOS printer can be redirected to a networked printer.

XFS enables both remote file and printer access.

XFS works great and we use it everday.

XFS works with FreeDOS, but there is a problem listing subdirectories (under FreeDOS only) which is being worked on. XFS works flawlessly with MSDOS.

There was also a straight 8 bit version of XFS available, which we use. I had to modify the Crynwr ne2000 driver so that it was 8 bit compatible. But having done that, XFS works flawlessly on plain dual-floppy 4.77mhz 8088 PCs !! which we use daily [:)]