FreeDOS and 'office' software

prasad mehendale writes about other 'office' software for FreeDOS:

i am using freedos6 ripcord distribution on my siemen nixdorf 486 box as a standalone os very successfully.

A)as you mentioned about office software some time back on the website, i am using a very good wordprocessor on FREEDOS that is downloadable for free from web site. this wordprocessor is of wordstar type and has some additional facilities. 1. it can give italic letters 2. one can underline matter. can make the matter bold. 4. expand 5. highlite 6.reverse. is a multilingual processor and offers two more indian language with two different scripts- marathi and gujrathi(in addition to english) can make tables. for english language you have to disable the caps lock.

the only thing is that you can't use mouse in it. this is a full free version and has not any limitation for use.

B)i am using a spreadsheet that i downloaded from a website mentioned in freedos-links-well organised archive by richard green (moved). the spreadsheet is supposed to be made freeware as the site mentions. it is INSTA CALC. this has a very similar look with lotus 123 and has similar commands. it has mouse support and one can draw graph using data. i have tested it on freedos successfully.

C)a data base named nanobase is also available on the above site and works very well.

D)a file manager and other facilities are offered by another freeware utility 'dos navigator'. that has a calculator and other pim like facilities.

in addition to the above i can play some games like battle chess, amazon snakes, the prince etc.

being a microcontroller programmer, i use simulators and debuggers on freedos very successfully. many thanks to you and your team for making my pc free from microsoft.