Bloodhound virus false-positives

You may have noticed that if you download the boot floppy to the FreeDOS distributions, your Windows anti-virus software may think there is a virus on the FreeDOS boot floppy. In almost all cases, there really isn't a virus. Chip Burkitt gives a really good explanation for what is happening.

Chip Burkitt wrote:

Norton Antivirus has a feature called Bloodhound that allows it to detect conditions that might be caused by a virus. Historically, one such condition was an altered boot sector on a diskette. Prior to the rise of the Internet, the most common distribution method for viruses was by shared diskettes. In order to avoid detection while ensuring activation, viruses would replace the boot sector on a diskette. Norton Antivirus thus looks for boot sectors that do not contain signatures validating them as MS-DOS, Caldera DOS, or what have you. (This behavior only occurs when heuristic scanning is enable--the default. If heuristic scanning is turned off, NAV does not report and infection on FreeDOS diskettes.)