MT and FreeDOS

Herwig (of the MT program) wrote with this update:

Hi Jim,

I've seen that you published a poor Babelfish translation of the multitasking kernel MT which I have written for DOS some time ago. To get rid of this poor translation, here is sort of a better description of what it does.

MT.COM is about 2 K in size and can run up to 8 DOS programs simultaneously. They are launched in a command line like this:

C:>MT prog1.exe [params for prog1] + [params for prog2] ...

However, MT is not a DOS-based Windows. It is primarily designed to run programs with none or line-based screen output, typically measurement and control applications. Also, each program has to ensure that it does not request the whole memory, or at least free enough memory after start to let enough space for the other tasks. MT does no preemptive multitasking but relies on the fact that every program should check the keyboard status periodically (typically using BIOS function INT 16H with AH=1 to check if a key was pressed). The task switching is done during this call.

Originally, I have developped MT for a commercial satellite gateway where several communication tasks had to be done at a time. I have found that this solution with DOS and MT was much more stable than any "big" multitasking system.

MT is available free, including a (sorry!) German manual from: dostools.htm as your site already states. You won't have to know much more than the above for successfully running the program.


-Herwig Feichtinger
Shamrock Software

Original newsitem follows:

Michael Vogl wrote to tell me about a tool to provide multi-tasking on DOS ... and it works on FreeDOS! The web page is in German. Use Babelfish to provide a translation. With Shamrock's DOS multitasking core MT you can let at the same time run several programs and so in a simple manner tasks of the measuring also complicated -, tax and automatic control under DOS realize. A program can start also different tasks and steer their priority. ... The multitasking core (MT.COM) is only about 2 KByte largely! It was used already in numerous industriellen applications and is tested in practical applications. ... How well does this work for you under FreeDOS? Send discussion to the FreeDOS mailing list.