Results of testing FreeDOS FDISK 1.1beta


Robert Platt wrote in with this review of the FreeDOS FDISK 1.1beta release:

Here are the results of some testing I did on Free FDISK 1.1 Beta. Generally positive: This was done on a 40Gb LBA, IDE hard disk.

1. GOOD: At no point in using Free FDisk 1.1 did it corrupt my existing Windows 98 and Linux partitions. LILO in the Master Boot Record was not corrupted.

2. GOOD: I managed to delete and then recreate a physical partition - FreeDOS FAT 16 - of size 2Gb positioned after my 30Gb Win 98 partition.

3. GOOD: I could set either my Win 98 or the new 2Gb partition as active (with SET_ANY_ACT=TRUE in FDISK.INI)

4. GOOD: I could view all my partitions, including my three logical partitions in my extended Linux partition.

5. GOOD: I viewed and verified the partitions from Linux FDisk, and all was fine. Note though, it reported the 2 Gb partition as Win95 FAT 32. I hadn't formatted the partition, is this Free FDisk created?

6. BAD???: Then I did something interesting. I deleted the 2Gb partition using Linux FDisk. This seemed to confuse Free FDisk 1.1 running under Windows 98. It reported a 2Gb partition still, of type Non-DOS hidden. I then copied FDisk 1.1 to FreeDOS Beta 8 install disk, and booted from this disk. It again reported a 2Gb non-DOS partition, but this time it was OS/2! FDisk 1.01 reported exactly the same. Maybe this is a fault of Linux FDisk, or I didn't use it correctly.

7. BAD: I then tried to delete this reported non-DOS partition using FDisk 1.1. But it said there were no non-DOS partitions to delete, even though the view function reported two: my 30Gb Win98 and the 2Gb partition. Given the strange setup after trying to delete it using Linux FDisk, I would think nothing of this - BUT I tried to delete it with FDisk 1.01 instead, and that worked...

There you are! I recommend testing further the deleting of non-DOS partitions. I'd love to test this more, but I share my computer and so must be careful.