Running emTeX on FreeDOS

The following was written by Hetteh:

I made some testings.

emTeX INSTALL prog proceeds in 2 steps:

STEP 1. copying required files, patching emTeX BAT files, updating autoexec.bat & config.sys

STEP 2. after rebooting, generating required formats (plain, LaTeX), etc.

Platform: intel 486 DX 33, 8MB RAM, CD-ROM:4x (TORISAN)

Fast note to users without coprocessor (i.e. 486SX): When Step 1 is done, and BEFORE Step 2 download and unpack full emxrt.zip, because you will need coprocessor emulator: (\emx\bin\emxfpemu). It's invoked by emx when needed. emxrt.zip is available at: i.e: ftp.lucky.net/pub/Os2/emx09d/

emTeX INSTALL: 0.2e, 09-Jul-1998

Source: TeXLive 4, CD, March 1999

Type of installation: full, default answers, font: ljh (HP LJ, DJ: 600dpi), install emx: YES (emx is required to run tex386 - a version allowing to typeset the largest *.TEX files)

1. FD Beta 8 Official Release

FreeDOS kernel version 1.1.26a (Build 2026a) [Apr 05 2002 18:13:06] Kernel compability 5.0 - TURBOC

FreeCom version 0.83 Beta 32 [Dec 03 2001]

SHSUCDX Version 1.4b, October 2000


1. Installing from HDD - no problems

2. Installing from CD - no problems


Running tex386 that invokes emx requires to have "device=himem.exe" in your config.sys. Emx requires XMS-Driver to identify itself as version 2.06

2. FD Beta 8 with Kernel 2027test

FreeDOS kernel version 1.1.27 (Build 2027test) [Aug 04 2002 11:32:10] Kernel compability 5.0 - WATCOMC

FreeCom version 0.83 Beta 40 XMS_Swap [May 11 2002 23:55:25]

SHSUCDX Version 1.4b, October 2000


1. Installing from HDD Remove "device=himem.exe", if any, from your config.sys Otherwise you will get after emTeX INSTALL prog message: "Installing some files of emxrsx.zip" another message: c:\emtex\install\install.tmp: string table corrupt and INSTALL will exit.

XMS support is built (?) into kernel/command.com (??) - emx will run without additional XMS Driver.

2. Installing from CD (It doesn't matter if there is or not himem.exe in config.sys)

I can't do it with SHSUCDX Version 1.4b, October 2000. I get after "Installing some files of emxrsx.zip" c:\emtex\install\install.tmp: string table corrupt and INSTALL exits. :(

What may sound interesting, even if SHSUCDX is in memory (proper line in autoexec.bat, cdrom device in config.sys) I CAN install emTeX from HDD. I CAN'T do it from CD-ROM. (CD-ROM itself is OK: fast SYS C: from FD Beta8 Official Release, and I can install emTeX from CD).

What's more, try to run Dos Navigator 1.51 (free Norton Commander clone), just after INSTALL exits. (when failed). I get message in inf loop: "Invalid Opcode at 013F 0629 0046 0000 0000 0001 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000"

Address is always the same.

After 2-3 min. inf loop is: "Invalid Opcode at"

Ctrl-Alt-Del works. Break works, too.

- Hetteh