To add to FreeDOS?

Steve Nicholas writes:

Eric and I discussed things we felt would be nice if added to FreeDOS.

I think, of everything which isn't there that's in MS-DOS, the only things that are yet to be written are-

A couple tools obviously need work, but most of them (graphics, display, mem) are being worked on. I'm sorry I can't *develop* more, but I'm not really much of a programmer *g*

At I have two of my own lame attempts at DOS utilities: PATVER and GRAFTABL. They are unstable and need work (bigtime!) but they're there. Neither of them are intended to go into the next version of FreeDOS, unless you plan to put them under "Bleeding Edge", as they can cause mysterious crashes under certain defined conditions (i.e., trying to run MS GRAFTABL to get the status on Pathologic Graftabl, or running a program compiled with some variety of Borland C under PATVER) which I have been able to replicate but not track down. Neither of them are required, so neither was written *for* FreeDOS.


Trying to replicate MCB trashing and kernel panic on loading IBM interlnk as device driver (K2029, IIRC)