Networking under FreeDOS

Often, we see questions like this on the FreeDOS mailing list: "A lot of times I read about internet browsing for DOS using modem and PPP dialers, or ADSL and PPPoE. My question is how to browse using FreeDOS. That is, I have a server/router machine and a DOS machine, and I want to be able to browse the intranet and the internet using the server as a internet gateway." Michael Vogl has posted such a page, a HOWTO of sorts:

A Windows network under FreeDOS (Ein Windows-Netzwerk unter FreeDOS) (German)

Here's a preview: (German-to-English translation by Babelfish)


With the increasing popularity of networks - now also within the home range - and sinking prices for Network hardware arises ever more frequently the desire, also older computers into existing networks To merge. There for these computers often no more modern operating system than DOS , and this operating system is applicable for many applications also today, would like one is still sufficient it only because of that Missing network functions do not replace. There are also for DOS possibilities, network functions and even To use the InterNet. The following text is to describe, like one a TCP/IP network under FreeDOS furnishes.