Installing FreeDOS on WinNT/2000/XP: NTFS resize hints

Eric Auer writes:

Hi, I think people today often have XP, and XP often defaults to allocate all the disk (except maybe a hidden FAT32 recovery partition) for itself in NTFS. As you very often get your PC only with a crappy recovery function (no real install CD), and the recovery re-formats C:, you are in trouble...! It is even possible that it rePARTITIONS C:, so even "delete Windows, repartition, recover Windows" may not solve the problem. So how can you get space for FreeDOS or Linux? Without getting Part.Magic?

The answer is NTFSRESIZE, one of the most stable parts (well, kind of: the NTFS driver is stable, too, but only for READING and for writes that do not resize files! Any other writes are not supported officially yet: linux-ntfs.sf.net ...) of the LINUX-NTFS tools. You can boot Linux from a CD to use it, and you can use it with GUIs like QTPartEd. Some URLs on this topic:


The latter 2 are complete Linux ISOs which you can put on a CD and boot, with lots of tools, including the Linux-NTFS ones. If you want to resize without a GUI: 1. scan (see how much you may resize) with the tool, 2. resize with the tool, 3. adjust partition table carfully. Watch the details! Linux.Rules.org explains them. Of course you can make XP smaller if you first defrag.