Running Windows on FreeDOS

Thomas Hirsch writes:

Just want to let you know that the current kernel (as found in CVS as per 25.11.2003) is solving a long existent problem/bug. It is now possible to install windows2000 or WindowsXP with a FreeDOS bottdisk. There is no longer a 'Setup was unable to install Windows Boot Loader...'-message.

I think this is of particular interst for Tom Ehlert or Patrick J. LoPresti. They both had postings related to this bug. (e.g.: http://www.mail-archive.com/fd-kernel@topica.com/msg00025.html)


I can't use their (Win98, Win2000, etc.) 'self-sufficient' install disks, if i want to do an unattended and automated install. Especially, if done over a network... Therefore the need for separate and highly flexible/adaptive (network-)bootdisk to get the job done. Now FreeDOS is _the_ perfect basis for such a beast....

Bernd Blaauw adds/comments:

This is very interesting, as it allows a long-standing wish of mine to be realised: use a freely distributable bootdisk (with utilities if desired) to install Windows on a user's system. So you confirm Win2000 and XP installation? that leaves WinNT and the no-longer supported Win9x line (and even win3.1, but that's another story).

So the following works?

But also the following to speed DOS-part installation up?:

very interesting!