A new MODE for the new DISPLAY is ready

Eric Auer writes:

Hi, now that the codepage packs for the current DISPLAY version 0.10 are ready, I am happy to announce an update of my MODE version:

http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/ mode-modecon-05dec2003.zip (16k) is based on my MODE.C but has the extra feature of containing the features of MODECON as well. Thanks to Aitor for sharing the code. Note that this MODE version will ONLY do codepage operations for THIS version of DISPLAY, because we do not yet use a standard / compatible codepage API.

You can find DISPLAY on the sites mentioned here: http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/lsm.cgi?q=f&a=base/display.lsm

Note that my updated MODE does not yet support "infinite printer timeout" and "redirect printers to serial ports" functions of classic FreeDOS MODE. To implement that, I would recommend using MODETSR and adding an interface to MODE which would control the MODETSR (tiny driver). I think this would be better than making MODE drop a resident part somewhere into RAM, although it is less elegant.

FreeDOS MODE functions for caps/scroll/num lock setting and switchar setting can be added to my MODE on request. Function for timer-tick-timed harddisk parking and other "far out" features will not be added to my MODE, probably. My MODE has standard syntax for DELAY/RATE/CODEPAGE setting and proper mono switching, so it solves 3 out of 4 FreeDOS 1.0 TODO items. As told, you cannot throw away classic FreeDOS MODE, but at least you no longer need the special MODECON tool with its special syntax, get better mono switching, and better syntax compatibility.

The 4th MODE FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list item is MODE mode,[L|R][,T] ("n[,m]T") which is used to shift screen contents to the left / right on real CGA cards (EGA/newer are not supported even by MS MODE). If you have suggestions which registers would be programmed in what way for that, let me know.