ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS

Warning: ASUS motherboards and FreeDOS! ASUS motherboards which contain FreeDOS for their CrashFreeBIOS function sometimes ship with an incomplete FreeDOS installer on the CD-ROM. Do not try to install FreeDOS with it - and be careful when rebooting your system with the disc in the drive. Use the CD-ROM only for BIOS flashing as intended. Otherwise you could render your system unbootable.


Eric Auer writes:

Hi all, Ian Trider seems to have solved the mystery of "ASUS ships a broken FreeDOS installer with certain motherboards but they do not know that they ship any FreeDOS at all":

If the BIOS detects a checksum error, it switches to CD-ROM boot and asks for the support CD... and there you see a nice screenshot of FreeDOS 2026a Apr 05 2002 (FAT16, Turbo C) booting up .

Note that somebody forgot to update the Copyright string to say 2002. Then FreeCom 0.83 Beta 32 Dec 03 2001 starts up (no config.sys messages) and SHSUCDX 1.4b (John H. McCoy Oct 2000). Finally the CD-ROM detects that the BIOS checksum is wrong and offers you to recover from that.

In the very end you get an A:\> prompt. Probably THERE somebody forgot to delete parts of the installer (which FreeDOS distro version?) which allowed people to do things like "start SETUP" and destroy their Win boot sectors.





A user reported that the CD contains the following file versions: