FreeDOS bugs for 1.0


bootablecd writes:

Here is a list of things which should be done before you bring out the version 1.0. I know I should mail this in Bugzilla, but a) I hate Bugzilla because it is very complicated for a person speaking not so good English, b) Eric Auer mailed most of the bugs to the programmers. This is only an information for you. Of course you can test the failures if you download a diskette I made (freedos only) at . My basic intention was to create and offer you a "usable" diskette - but I think it is still far away.

I found the following bugs in freedos:

programs which do not contain the option /? for help:

a) !! (not .sys)
d) printq.exe

Comment: they also do not support -h or --help.

Jim responds: While it's important that all FreeDOS programs provide a mechanism to display help/usage information, I don't know that it qualifies as a reason to "hold up" a FreeDOS 1.0 distribution. So yes, these should be addressed, but it shouldn't be a "1.0" bug.

programs which do not contain a version number:

a) append.exe
k) printq.exe
l) replace.exe
m) scandisk.exe
q) type.exe

Jim responds: I don't know that it's necessary for a program to display a version number for the FreeDOS 1.0 distribution. It certainly would be preferable to show the version of the program, but I don't know that it should make or break the "FreeDOS 1.0" distribution.

programs which show the wrong version number:

a) choice 4.3a (at ibiblio) shows the version number 4.1 when typing choice /?
b) more 4.0b (at ibiblio) shows the version number 4.0 when typing choice /?

Jim responds: For the More program, the base version is still 4.0 - the fact that it's a sub-release "b" just indicates that minor changes have made it into the program that don't affect functionality (in this case, translations.) For the Choice program, that's definitely an error - it should report version 4.3. However, I don't know that displaying the wrong version number is important enough to hold up a "FreeDOS 1.0" distribution. This is largely a cosmetic thing, and the worst that will happen is that users will report bugs against the wrong version of FreeDOS Choice.

other bugs in the programs:


a) scandisk hangs at "Media descriptor" when typing scandisk a:
b) scandisk a: /checkonly hangs at "Media descriptor" - the shown drive is A
c) scandisk /checkonly a: gives the error message: 29 is an invalid drive - the shown drive is a symbol, no letter!


a) when using defrag on a write protected diskette there is (sometimes) a failure in GUI (there are no more buttons - only the clusters are shown)
b) there is no mouse while defragmenting,

Jim responds: Do you need a mouse while defragging?

c) there is no possibility to abort while defrag,
d) defrag also works on a write protected diskette (of course it doesnt) - when trying it a second time - it hangs


a) there is definitely no error message, if you open a file from a write protected diskette change it and then safe it on the diskette! The diskette works - but that is all - the changes ARE NOT SAFED (how should they?) I open the file e.g. by: "edit config.sys"
b) when storing a file the file name in the upper part of the window changes to confusing letters
c) when using "search - replace" for replacing a word by another sometimes the blue field at the field "replace with" becomes longer on the left and edit hangs up.
d) If you store a file on a full diskette edit works as if it would safe the file. In reality it creates a 0 byte file. Thats all. The content of the text goes to "file nirwana".
e) There is still no safety question if you safe a file and the file already exists. Example: You have a file "!" with 20kB on your diskette. Start edit, create a new file and then safe it with the name "!". The old version is simply overwritten.


f) proposal: Why not a small calculator in edit?

Jim responds: Why would you want a small calculator in Edit? The Edit program should be for manipulating text, not doing small calculations.

g) STRG-F (find) does not work.


a) on a SIEMENS Celeron 1200 MHz with Phoenix BIOS the machine hangs with the following constellation: - xms version
   devicehigh=emm386.exe NOEMS

without "NOEMS" it works.

b) when loading udmajr.sys in config.sys the machine hangs or causes a reboot (depending on settings). Seems that "devicehigh=udmajr.sys" is not allowed. With "device=udmajr.sys" seems to work.

a) already reported but not yet changed: when typing dir on an empty harddrive the size of the harddrive is not shown,

Jim responds: I've seen this bug discussed on the lists. While it differs from the MS-DOS behavior, and should be fixed, I've never felt it to be enough of a problem that it should be fixed prior to "FreeDOS 1.0". It's just a not a big deal.

b) when creating at least one file, the size is shown, but it is maximum 2 GB.


there is almost always a message: "UMB corruption" (exception: it runs with noxms).


label a: shows a serial number which seems to be no serial number (confusing signs). Please check.


when copying "diskcopy a: a:" there is an error message: "divide error" "diskcopy a: b:" there is also an error message: "divide error". Seems to be a problem with emm386 too. Runs without emm386.

At the moment I have no time to test emm386 - but it still seems to have a lot of problems.