ADSL connection to web - DOS

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Posted by Svend Broholm ( on October 04, 2003 at 12:56:35 GMT-620:

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Yes - I have done it ! Connecting Arachne 1.70 + PCI ethernet card + *straight* cable to router connected to the ADSL modem. No more hardware is required.

Software: Booting with just ordinary content in CONFIG.SYS and AUtoexec.bat - no lan commands. Find the correct DOS packet driver for your ethernetcard. Use google. I found mine at

After an ordinary boot (only usual commands in CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT - no LAN commands) I loaded my packet driver by following command line:

E100BPKT 0x60 16

where 0x60 defines the interrupt nr. and 16 is a number for the PCI-port. Both values are stated in the README-file.

I did not have to make inspection of any configuration details in the router manual.

After installing Arachne, my ethernet card with packetdriver was recognised automatic by Arachne during setup. I made only one configuration: Enabled BOOTP/DHCP in Arachne in a menu "below ethernet card".

And that was all folks: Bytes were rushing in a 256 kBits/sec.