Installing FreeDOS

Worst Case Scenario


Eric Twose writes with this advice:

If you have a boot disk and a FreeDOS installation CD**, but:

.. here's how you may be able to install FreeDOS :-

(1) Obtain a DOS network boot disk setup program from:

(2) Make a DOS network boot cd:

If your card isn't in the list, copy your own driver.dos and protocol.ini to a:\FileCopy. Rename to custom1.dos and custom1.ini (or ...2.dos / ...2.ini).

(3) Boot using the DOS network setup disk

Using the on-screen menus, edit/change your driver (custom1 will be at the bottom of the driver list), and networking details such as IP address, username, password, hosts; etc.

Map your cd-rom drive across the network (eg "net use x: \\area51\mycd")

(4) Get FreeCOM running

Get FreeCOM running from install diskette (which you can't boot, as you've just loaded your network setup and got it running), by typing in:

  cd a:\

(5) Install from the CD over the network (which you can't boot) by typing in:

  cd ... ... to x:\freedos\setup\batch

Best Wishes, Eric T.

** A CD containing the file structure, rather than the iso image.