(e)speak for DOS


Dietmar Segbert writes with this tip:

Hello, I have compiled the espeak tts system with djgpp. thanks to Eric and Jonathan (author of espeak). To compile espeak you must do the following:

  1. Download the latest test archive of espeak from http://espeak.sf.net/test/latest.html. You must use the linux binary and source package.
  2. unzip the espeak-1-28.07.zip with the unzip32.exe of djgpp:
    unzip32 espk1287.zip
    cd espeak-1.07
    copy platform\dos\*.* src\.
    cd src
    make -f makefile.dj
  3. After that, you must copy the speak.exe:
    copy speak.exe ..\.
    cd ..
  4. You can use now speak.exe to produce wave-files or files with phonemes for mbrola:
    • speak.exe --voices will list all availeble voices.
    • speak.exe -v de -w test.wav "Guten Tag und auf Wiedersehen." will create a wave file test.wav
    • speak -v de -f test.txt -w test.wav will create a wave-file test.wav from the file test.txt.
    • speak -v mb\mb-de5 -f test.txt >test.pho will create a file test.pho from the file test.txt, that you can use with mbrola.